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MyTomChat, for Business

Fixed communications are becoming a thing of the past "let's go mobile"

My TomChat, Pro version

Enterprise Editions

For small or large business that transverse the globe

PRO Version

For small or large business that transverse the globe

Take a look and see what we can do for you. We take the modern day business telecom's service and completely turn it on its head, by integrating your offices all over the world into 1 single office and what's more we can include your mobile phones as well.

Check out our online booklet or go to our downloads page for more info on this and much more here >>


How do we do this?

First we integrate all your numbers on a single PBX and issue every phone, including your mobile, with an extension number. Then we create and select ring groups that you designate for your incoming call route & lastly we issue each phone, no matter where or what it is, with an outgoing number or a string of numbers.

Just imagine your UK, New York, Honk Kong, Australia office numbers all on your mobile phone so even when you’re travelling you are still in your office and, with the ability to transfer calls to and from any phone on the system, you'll never miss another call again.

We can supply you with both Landline & Mobile numbers for almost any Country/City and with our parented App for Android & iOS there's no need for you to ever carry 2 or more phones we can put all your numbers and more on a single device all fully controlled by you through the app.

For example:

- Make and receive calls on your mobile from any number.

- Apply the Do Not Disturb feature.

- Activate or Deactivate the business numbers at anytime.

- Bypass the app to use your SIM's GSM network at anytime.

- Hide your number.

- Transfer calls to another line ext.

- Use a conference setting.

- Send and receive TXT messages (unlimited & free)

- Use the IM for instant messaging (unlimited & free)

Or simply switch the app off when you are on holiday for example, it’s up to you. Try us today and see what we can do. We guarantee the cheapest world-wide calls ever.

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