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At MyTomChat we provide a mobile solution to the office phone, with a simple download of the app it will take over the caller feature of your phone when you’re in business mode and be able to make and receive calls to and from your office landline from anywhere in the world making your desk phone obsolete, "We're daring to cut the cord and get you on the move"

Our app can be used for individual purpose and giving you the ability to make calls from your mobile number, your landline, office, hide your number or just bypass the application and use your SIM its full controllable and you're choice.

In office mode you will have the added ability to ad additional mobile phones to your billing system and as with the standard you will now have the ability to have your extension numbers added and be able to transfer calls to various people or departments you designate. and so much more*

We also have a Hotel version, this can be made completely bespoke for your business although it is directed at large hotels that want to give their guests the ability to have their room number with them when they leave the hotel also you will be able to add speed dial icons to the app for say the restaurant, poor area or bar there's no limit.

Using your SIM & your phone - yes, the one you have will do, simply download the app, purchase as many additional numbers as you want from anywhere in the world* select which package suits you best - and that's it!

Delivering the highest quality crystal clear calling & with 99.8% connectivity, it is truly versatile, with both GSM & VoIP calling capabilities, with switchboard integration & is 100% operator independent. "You are you're own operator"

MyTomChat has been designed to morph into a myriad of different guises: company, school , college or hotel.

(Replicall - verb: to repeat, duplicate or reproduce a phone number when making a phone call - replacing the originating phone number with a copy of another one)

Because the Worldmobile Solution's patented Caller App switch is actually doing all the work, we are able to offer additional features never before seen on mobile calls like the Replicall service

The Replicall service allows you to transmit a different phone number from your original cell number to the recipient – this is incredibly powerful for anyone in business as customers could be shown your company’s main phone number, for example, rather than an individual employees’ mobile number, creating a better overall image, and greater call control for the company.

Active ‘grey lists’ have been incorporated which allow you to always bypass the app for selected contacts if required and ‘blue lists’ which allow you to select which number to use every time for certain contacts or your original mobile number for different contacts, ideal for those who run several businesses.

By enabling you to transmit a different phone number to the recipient of your call your cell phone has now become a powerful tool both in business and personal arenas.


1 World, 1 Phone, 1 SIM & 60 Numbers

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