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SIM-Free, Coverage in Over 100 Countries Featuring Free-Roaming, Compatible with Smartphones, Pads, Laptops and more*

GlocalMe 4G Global high speed internet


GlocalMe(Global+Local+Me): Connect Global, Pay Local

GlocalMe is redefining the way stay connected to the network globally without SIM Cards and Roaming Fees.

GlocalMe is offering its availability for all types of devices and software. It is also offering network compatibility with a number of carrier networks in 100+ countries around the world. The coverage and service offered by GlocalMe is again very noteworthy because this is the only project of its kind that offers worldwide 3G/4G network and smart UI.

There is no need of SIM cards when using GlocalMe U2.

GlocalMe get connected to the best network from mobile carrier and take advantage of fastest signal.

GlocalMe keeps you always online wherever you are without roaming charges.

No need to mess with local SIM cards

Powered by innovative Cloud Sim technology, GlocalMe G2 is the world's first pocket WiFi without local SIM cards to connect in over 100 countries/region, allowing travellers to access the Internet at any point of their travels without local SIM cards and roaming charges.

4G/3G high speed --GlocalMe keeps you online wherever you are without roaming charges.

No Contract, Unlocked - Only Pay for the exact amount of data you use.

Countries and region of covering area:

No Sim card required

No roaming charges

Cost-effective data rates

GlocalMe brings predictable and flexible rates to fit your need:

No Roaming - Avoid the high data roaming charges all over the world.

The pricing is completely transparent, and there are no hidden costs or surprise changes in the terms our clients sign up for.

2 kinds of Charging Mode​s

For example

"North American 1GB Data Pass in US,CA & MX"--12.00 euro

"Data Package 1GB - China,Japan,South Korea"--7.00 euro

GlocalMe at a Glance

GlocalMe could connect up to 5 devices,

including phones,tablets,laptops and other data intensive devices.

In addition,with 2 SIM slots,U2 could also work as a traditional unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot for the insertion of Micro SIM and standard SIM card to receive local 3G/4G network signals.

Multiple Devices NO roaming charges

Solution for multiple devices and multiple family members

Create your own Wi-Fi, avoiding and no worry of possible risk when using public wifi.


Helpful in navigation, messaging, Facebook, What's app and etc.

Super convenient for overseas travel and business trip!

Battery Pack 3500mAh lasts up to 13 hours with non-stop use.

Manage the data with GlocalMe App

Download GlocalMe App

Through GlocalMe App's smart user interface,you could manage your data usage smartly and effectively by topping up your balance,purchasing any data packages and easily track detailed interaction with the data, connect to personal network etc.

Portable and powerfull Global WiFi

Product information

Colour: Red TomChat graphics

Technical Details


Item Weight:

Product Dimensions:

Item model number:



Batteries Included:

Batteries Required:


  5.3 ounces

  5 x 0.6 x 2.6 inches


  1 Lithium ion batteries required.




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GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot Global WIFI with 1GB Global Initial Data

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